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What is Contract For Cloud

What is Contract For Cloud

Contract For Cloud Inc is an Enterprise Level SaaS platform that offers specialist digital contract building tools and in-depth case law analysis for legal and procurement professionals involved in designing, writing and reviewing contracts for their cloud-based services.


Contract For Cloud to help law firms or businesses reduce their legal costs through semi-automating contract creation, while at the same time providing in-house access to leading legal research, specific to cloud-based agreements (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS).


We have designed Contract For Cloud to meet enterprise level requirements – far beyond traditional consumer focused online legal services.

We are able to achieve this by marrying our legal research capability with our contract building platform. We also use Application programming Interface (APIs) solutions to obtain current data from various legal databases This gives legal professionals the full, detailed information they need to make decisions as they build a contract.



The platform has been designed to operate for two key use cases: This includes:

Cloud Software Vendors

Who require cloud-based software when negotiating contracts with the end user, covering topics like service level agreements, termination rights, return of data and data aggregation provisions and more.

Software Buyers/Users

Who want to create their own contact with the vendor or want a single point of resources to review the implications of the vendor’s contract.

In addition, we solve key problems for our different potential client types:

For Law Firms

For law firms, we drive time and cost efficiency through automating contract building and creation.

For In-House Legal Teams

For in-house legal teams and corporates, we enable them to augment in house capabilities with specialist contract knowledge, without hiring an expensive outside legal firm.

For Start-Ups

For start-ups, we enable them to access enterprise level legal support that they likely could not otherwise afford.

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